#SXStarWars Complete Conference Schedule

A compiled list of all the panels and events that were imagined for #SXStarWars.

Day 1
Panel: Hacking Your Moisture Vaporator for Fun and Profit (by @vpisteve)
Panel: Carbonite and You (by @UgnorDaUgnaught)
Panel: Farther from My Father: Defining the Father- Son Relationship (by @Beatrix_Coles)
Panel: The Ethics of Droid Ownership (by @sxstarwars)
Event: Speeder Bike Parade (by @JoeBirdwell)
Solo Talk: @shitmydadsays with Luke Skywalker (by @jasonhall)
Keynote: Darth Vader - Be Evil. Why Google Is Underestimating The Power Of The Dark Side Of The Force (by @jasonhall)
Keynote: The Hidden Power Of The Force (by @meganwest)
Solo Talk: Chewbacca’s guide - How To Raaaaaawk #SXStarWars (by @jasonhall)
Panel: Bacta and You (by @MichaelACharles)
Solo Talk: Jedi Knight Callista Ming – The Intergalatic Social Sphere and the Chadra Tsunami (by @tara)
Panel: How to Save #SXStarWars from Scruffy Nerferdery (by @toenolla)
Keynote: Admiral Ackbar: “It’s A Trap” is just another way of saying “It’s An Opportunity (by @sxstarwars)
Event: iTie Fighter Release Party (by @novysan)
Event: Opening Night Party sponsored by Gungan Design (by @sxstarwars)

Day 2
Panel: Multi-Species Interface Design, or How Can a Wookiee pilot that thing? (by @sxstarwars)
Keynote: Mon Mothma - Lessons from Egypt: Social Media and the Rebellion (by @danlawson)
Panel: Cloud Hosting in Cloud City (by @tara)
Panel: Are Your Sales Frozen in Carbonite? (by @tara)
Panel: Using Social Media To Find the Droids You’re Looking For (by @tara)
Keynote: Ahsoka Tano - Memoirs of a Padawan (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: The Kessel Run #Transmedia Experience, sponsored by Kessel Spice Mines. Spice responsibly. (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: Star Wars Uncut: the ethics of clone circumcision. (by @sxstarwars)
Event: Jabba the Hutt’s Fitness Seminar. (by @erier2003)
Panel: How to understand a jawa in a social media based society (by @icecoldpenguin)
Panel: The Sarlaacs Are {Several} People Workshop (by @DonBuley)
Event: “Amidala Nights” party. Sponsored by Amidala Wigs and Accessories & the Naboo Lake District Board of Tourism (by @sxstarwars)

Day 3
Panel: How To Write Code Like A Jedi (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: Bounty Hunting: A Recession-Proof Career (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: How To Be A Good Creative Stormtrooper Colonel (by @simon_staffans)
Panel: Mating Habits of the Rancor, with Jawa Tteel Kkak. (by @scott_walker)
Panel: Conflict Mediation: The Bail Organa Method (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: Do Not Underestimate The Powers Of The Old Media Side (by @simon_staffans)
Keynote: General Grievous - The Singularity is Here (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: These ARE the droids you’re looking for: Elegant mind trick solutions for a more digital age. (by @thebobthe)
Event: Lapti Nek Reunion Tour - Sy Snoodles and The Max Rebo Band feat. MC Zuckuss & DJ 4-LOM (by @sxstarwars)
Event: Three Ewok That’s-No-Moon (by @tara)

Day 4
Panel: Paywalls and HoloNet (by @GMSarli)
Solo Talk: Captain Panaka: The Art of the Haberdashery Diversion (by @sxstarwars)
Keynote: Holovid Star Fali-Sha Dae - Darth Horrible (by @GMSarli)
Panel: Social Media and Bothan FaceNet (by @GMSarli)
Keynote: Anakin Skywalker and GTD With Management Secrets of the Sith (by @sxstarwars)
Core Conversation: How to Motivate Droids, Not Punish Them (by @tara)
Solo Talk: Elan Sel’Sabagno - How a Jedi turned my life around (by @ladyvader66)
Panel: How to use ForceSquare Wisely and NOT Endanger the Mission (by @apparentlyi)
Panel: Astromech Romance - How to Find the Droid You’re Looking For (by @bonniegrrl)
Panel: Retconned and Loving It (by @sxstarwars)
Event: Lock S-Foils in Party Position, sponsored by Incom Corporation (by @jaybushman)
Event: BD-3000 Luxury Droid Burlesque Show (by @bonniegrrl)
Core Conversation: Kryat Call and Vocalization Workshop (by @Maestroboombatz)
Panel: What Constitutes a Walking Carpet (by @Maestroboombatz)
Panel: Mean Girls Matter - Aurra Sing & Asajj Ventress (by @bonniegrrl)
Core Conversation: “I don’t like you. My friend doesn’t like you either” Personal Actualization Workshop
Solo Talk: Being You – Taun We (by @PatrixCjous)
Panel: Parsec: Distance or Time? (by @ChalmunsCantina)

Day 5
Keynote: TK-421 - The Business Value of Staying at Your Post (by @bsharbaugh)
Panel: Ysalamiri: Fact or Fiction? (by @sxstarwars)
Core Conversation: Two Stormtroopers, One Garbage Chute (by @tara)
Closing Keynote: Emperor Palpatine - It’s Hard Out There For A Sith (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: Overcome Yak Shaving and Nerf Herding - Corellian Creative Strategies (by @sxstarwars)
Panel: Outer Rim Droid Spotting Guide (by @thehalfling)
Closing Night Party and Medal Ceremony, sponsored by ForceSquare (by @sxstarwars)


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